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I am Trish McLennan at Gardenhouse Pottery.  My studio is the original 19th century house that was on the property when we built.  I make functional stoneware pottery using both the wheel and slab-built methods.  I use natural textures and handmade decals to enhance the designs of my pieces.  I look for illustrations from vintage textbooks, encyclopedia pages that evoke a childhood memory, inspire, or bring out the inner nerd in all of us.


I started learning pottery after a garden club friend made me take a workshop with her in 2009.  One class and I was hooked.  I was immediately looking for a kiln of my own and found one a couple hours away within a few months.  Rob and I made the trek north of Columbus, in the snow to pick up "Beulah," my extra large, 20 year old kiln with all the shelves and fairly new elements.  I had no idea how this big girl worked, but Rob was happy enough to hook her up for me and off we went.  It took longer than I thought, but we didn't burn the place down so that was good.  Being a former painter made it hard for me as an immediate gratification person to grow some patience and learn to understand how the glazes worked, but learning by my mistakes helped me develop some of my own glazes and opened another exciting side to ceramics.