The barn is finished and classes have started.  I have 2 sessions - one on Monday night and the other on Tuesday night.  Both filled up pretty quick and I'm getting good feedback from each.  

The first project was a mosaic.  We traced and cut the pattern onto a 12 x 12 slab of clay and added texture.  The hard part was keeping all those little pieces together.

Once it's bisqued fired, we can add underglaze to the stamped parts.  Again - got to keep those pieces from getting away from you.  We each made a cheat sheet to refer back to and numbered the back of each piece just in case.  It can get confusing quickly and I even had one person that thought she had a piece missing.  It was there all along.  We will be glazing these this week if the snow holds out and then mounting and grouting on either a board or stepping stone.  

Week 2 was pinch pot wind chimes.  Some students very fancy with this, making sculptures of pigs, fish, magnolias and carved bells.  Others were more minimalist.  It was very interesting to see the varying comforts levels that came out of this project.

Week three and we are making wall pockets.  There were several different templates to pic from.  Most people stamped a texture, but some added sprigs or decorated with paper resist.

I gave everyone the opportunity to try out the wheel on week four.  It was good for a few laughs and of course a Ghost  reference.  I was concerned that this would be frustrating for most, but everyone had fun and wanted to try it again for future classes. 

We'll spend the next couple weeks glazing and getting the mosaics and wind chime together for the reveal night on the 29th.  I'm pretty happy with how this session went and even though there are some kinks to work out for next time, I feel it was a success.