New Work in Progress

My deadlines are coming up to apply for a couple shows.  If I want to get in, I have to get some good pictures of my new work.  I'll be very busy in the next couple days trying to get my act together.  Some shows, like Summerfair, require that you apply through a website called zapplication.  For me, it's just another digital pitfall that I have to jump.  Your pictures need downloaded, there's a requirement for the amount of pixels, you have to have a description and measurements.  I feel like I need a tutor to let me know if I doing this right.  I tried applying through zapplication when I first started trying to get into shows.  I was rejected to both shows I applied to.  I don't have very good luck getting into shows on line.  I was also rejected to the City Flea and Crafty Supermarket.  They just wanted a link to my website and I don't think they meant Facebook.  Another reason I started this site.  The plus side to this is I'm always learning something new, even if it's against my will.  I usually enjoy it once I know how to do it; it's just the initial process that's frustrating.  

2014-01-11 10.28.42.jpg

These will end up being some birdfeeders.  I'll add a top and a permanent bottom to them.  The blank part in the middle will be to add decals.  I want them to have a collage feel to them.  I might do the top and bottom in a dark brown clay with out any glaze.  I think it would be nice to have the contrast of the different color clays.

2014-01-11 14.35.39.jpg

One last note:  I was fortunate to be asked to be asked to see my dear friend Laura's, son be given the Eagle Scout Award.  Michael is an incredible young man.  very down to earth, and gifted in tinkering.  He collects antique fans (reminds me of Rob) and camping lanterns.   He is always willing to help out a neighbor on anything with a small motor.  He got Ol' Bessy (my tiller that might be older than me) up and running last spring.

It was wonderful to see the other people there that shared his experience.  I spotted my kids' 7th grade English teacher, Ann Gunn, and had to talk to her.  Back in the junior high days, I used to stop in during her lunch time and we would chat.  She is a gem - always a favorite with the students and parents.  I hope we get to reconnect because I miss our talks about gardening, kids and life in general.  She retired before my niece and nephew got the pleasure of experiencing the vocabulary words, snorting laugh, mints and "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!"