Try it out Tuesday - Stamps

Today I plan on making some new stamps out of clay as well as carved out of linoleum like we all used to do in art class in school.  There are lots of examples of this out there, but the clay stamps I want to make today are the small ones like Gary Jackson makes.  I've made some of these before and like to use them as a detail on my mug handles as well as making texture on my pendants. 

Check out his site.  It is full of information.

I didn't feel like I got a lot done yesterday.  I worked on the barn some more and took in a load of scrap.  I have a couple people interested in what's left in the shop part of the barn which is good.  I would hate to have to just scrap all those cabinets and hoists.  I have to go down today and take more pictures to send to a guy on Craig's list.  I also need to post a couple ads.  The Cub Cadet and tiller aren't selling themselves.   I have a lot to do today and not a lot of time to do it (that usually makes me more productive.)  I have tickets to see "The Book of Mormon" tonight - so excited!