Kindle Blues

I bought a new kindle HDX with the money I made on scrapping and selling the stuff in the barn.  I got it in the mail yesterday, charged it up and was ready to go.  What a let down!  Don't get me wrong, It has a beautiful display, fast processor, and it's light.  It would be great for entertainment (movies, gaming, music and books).  It has no apps that I want.  I wanted this to be able to work away from my desk.  I can't login to this website, I can't take credit cards on squareup, I can't download pictures off of dropbox or edit from picmonkey.  All the apps that I really use are not on this tablet.  Luckily, amazon has a 30 return policy or I'd really be upset.  Right now I plan on heading up to Best Buy after my driveway is clear and checking out tablets there.  Obviously not all are for me.