Glaze tests

I always feel like I'm in one of Lauren's chem labs when I am testing out a new line of glazes.  I start with 1000g of a base and divide it out into 10 cups.  I label each cup with the colorant and amount of colorant and then apply to test tiles and fire.  I'm looking for a transparent glaze to go on my white clay so I sacrificed a tray and tested all ten on one piece this time mostly because I didn't take the time to make up some test tiles.

2014-01-22 09.57.31.jpg
I need a new verse for the song "Red Solo Cup."

I need a new verse for the song "Red Solo Cup."

2014-01-20 16.01.58.jpg

I like to use a dry erase board to write down my recipe and the calculations to scale it up to the amount I need.  Most of the materials look similar, so I cross it off as I go in case I get interrupted in the middle.  I write my recipes down permanently on large index cards that are filed under colors.   I think it's easy to find a recipe I like and I can add notes on the back of the card.

2014-01-22 09.53.15.jpg

I love this tool.  It's an emulsion mixer and I think I paid $30 for it at target.  I use this to mix all my glazes.  It fits in the cups as well (barely).  I just run it in the bucket of water to clean it off each time.  Very efficient.


I did 2 batches of test glazes before I was disrupted by life.  It has been so cold here and it's not looking like it's going to get better anytime soon.  It's the kind of cold where a bleep word uncontrollably flies out of your mouth every time you walk out.   I have a rental house next door and they are having problems with the furnace with electric bills at $700!  I called a heating and plumbing service to come over and inspect it and they wanted to replace the air exchange unit which is from the 80's.  I can handle that, what I couldn't handle was the pricetag.  I called a couple other HVAC guys to give me a second and third opinion.  At least they still have heat and I don't have to make a decision today.   That house is killing me.  I have replaced the roof, windows, added gravel to the driveway, painted and had the outdoor pipe to the sewage dug up and replaced - THIS YEAR!  Rental property is certainly not for sissies!