Foxes, deer and more cold and snow

I don't think it's going to get warm anytime soon.  That's all I'm saying

There was a spectacular sunset last night.  I even stood outside and took a picture even though my hands were freezing off.

I did get my glazing done, test tiles and all.  On Thursday, I notice Duke noticing something going on outside the studio window.  There are 3 bucks laying just a few feet outside the window in the woods.  They stayed for about 30 minutes and then moved on.  It was pretty sunny there, so I think they were just trying to find a warm spot in all the cold.  Yesterday at around the same time, Duke is looking out the window again.  This time there are 3 does.  They stayed for a couple hours.  At one point, the "ugly tail" fox that I see all the time came by the window, but I didn't get to my camera fast enough to get a picture.  A little later on, 3 more does showed up farther up the hill and then one of them flicked up her tail in warning.  A big beautiful fox came running down the hillside like a red streak and also came right past the window.  All this excitement and Duke is still just watching and not barking.  She does bark - at Chewbacca when I watch Star Wars.