First Show of the Season

Madeira's spring art show was yesterday and that was my official show of a very long spring season.  It's pretty close to where I live and I've attended this show as a patron several times, but this is my first year as a vendor.  It was very easy for parking and loading and for once, the weather cooperated.  In previous years, your could almost count on wind and rain on the day of this show.  I came early because I didn't know what I was doing and I am tweaking my booth set up.  I had a lot of items to price as well and that always takes more time than you realize.  

My booth neighbors on both sides were very enjoyable.  They helped me with my tent and watched my booth during a bathroom break.  Tara was the woman that my friend Nadine liked for her bracelet wraps.  She brought her two adorable little girls and husband.  Usually I am a little leery of preschoolers "helping out," but these girls were so well behaved, you barely noticed them.  I was happy to see some familiar faces of vendors as well.  This is one of things I like about the shows.  You get to develop a relationship with your customers and your fellow vendors to bounce ideas off of.

2014-05-04 12.25.34.jpg

I did very well and I'm starting to worry about having enough inventory for Summerfair.  I came home, ate dinner and went straight down to the studio to make more.