Lately I feel like a juggler at the circus (and not a very good one at that).  Updating my website is one of those balls that I have been dropping on a regular basis.  Time to pick up that ball.

Let's start with Spring Shows.  I have had an amazing run at my shows.  Madeira and Wyoming were new this year and very successful.  With the addition of my decal work this year, my spring sales were comparable to the ones that are close to Christmas.  It did make me nervous for Summerfair and inventory, but that would be a reason to drop the website ball and use that time to get on the wheel.  

Summerfair was an amazing experience.  This was my first attempt at a national show and I felt very much like a small fish in a very big pond (ocean to be more correct).  My show neighbors were simply amazing and made me feel very comfortable.  I did very well and hopefully will be accepted again next year because I will be more prepared with mugs by the hundreds - hands down my best seller.

I had three shows in the 2 weeks following  Summerfair.  Art in the Garden in Augusta is one of my favorites and I was positioned right next to one of my art show friends, Annette.  She makes perfectly tailored purses and handbags.  It make a show a lot more fun with her and her husband, Greg, next to you.  The very next day was the Trillium art show.  It was a bummer of a day - rainy and cold.  The last couple of hours there seemed to be only vendors in the park.  Because of the weather, I can't really judge if I liked the show or not.  It was a beautiful setting and had the potential to be a good show.  The next week was Hueston Woods Art show.  This would have been my 4th year at this show.  I was so low on inventory by this time, I didn't feel I had enough for a 2 day show so I contacted the coordinator Brad.  He was very understanding.  I hated backing out, but I definitely needed a time to regroup.  This year was a learning year for me and I will be more prepare next year.

This weekend was my only show of the summer - City Flea.  I have tried to get into this show before and failed.  I'm so happy I didn't fail this time - what a hit!  City Flea falls into it's own category as far as shows are concerned.  What I like about it is it draws a crowd that would not necessarily attend your run of the mill art or craft show.  They are looking for the quirky and unusual and l can push the envelope a little more at this show.  The crowd was great, the food trucks were plenty and the beer was cold.  It's a party on a piece of property that I used to avoid to literally save my life when I was co-oping downtown 20+ years ago.  If you haven't been to over the rhine in awhile - GO!  It makes me proud to be a Cincinnati girl.