Take pArt

I was asked months ago if I wanted to participate in an art camp for the Art Alliance by Meredith Raffel - the show coordinator for their show in Mason.  I said yes and of course immediately regretted it.  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching adults and I love kids as well, kids just seem to be able to find my "I'm a pushover" button and I let them do whatever they want.  

I didn't really think about it too much until the first meeting with the other instructors - that's when I finally started getting excited.  The next day I spent a couple hours in the u-haul waiting for my hitch to be installed on my car writing up my lesson plans.  The other people involved in the project had so much enthusiasm it was contagious.

My kids were awesome.  Day one consisted of painting bisqueware.  Basically the paint-a-pot workshop you go to.  This way they would have a finished piece to take home for the art show on Friday.


Day 2 was much more fun.  We got to work with the wet clay and I instructed the girls on how to make a fairy house.  I have done this project before with both adults and kids.  The kids are much more imaginative than I could ever be.  They were awesome and even started using the extra clay to make pet houses and swimming pools.  It's a great lesson in engineering as well as art since you can only work in the constraints of the materials.

2014-06-24 10.23.46.jpg

By day three, we were all getting to know each other and I started to see some friendships forming.  These girls were excited to get there and start on the next project - pinch pot animals.  We started with a controlled lesson with everyone making pretty much the same thing, a bird.  once we were done, I let them go to town.  we came up with other animals that they could make in the same manner - pigs, dogs, minions, transformers, kittens and dogs.  They started working in groups on their own to help each other out which I thought was awesome.

Day four I wanted to use as a combination of a written assignment and self esteem project.  I used one of Glenda's projects in art journaling to get them to think of positive words to decribe themselves and then use them in their wall hangings.  This ended up be my favorite project.  They came up with some fabulous words:

Daydreamer, funny, creative, short, artistic, bookworm, great friend, kind are some of the ones that come to my head.

The last day we were busy getting ready for the art show.  There were a lot of people there besides parents.  The police chief and the mayor was there ( the mayor of Lebanon is also the art teacher).  It was a lot of fun and gave the girls an opportunity to explain the process of their work as well.  

What a great experience!!