Workshop results

I had scheduled a workshop for a book club in March with the full intentions of the barn being fully operational by the end of July.  We are at the end of August now and I still need quite a few things finished before I would be ready to schedule classes for real.  But by the end of July, I did have some lights and a floor, so here we go.  I contacted Barb to confirm but she was sorry to inform me that only three of their members were able to make it.  No problem - I'll just open it up to the public.  Within 4 hours of posting the workshop, I had 9 more people signed up and 2 crashers!

The workshop went pretty smoothly.  Next time, no crashers.  12 is the limit of my vocal skills.  The assignment was to bring in a quote and we would put it on a garden plaque to hang.  Everyone did a wonderful job and had a lot of fun.  We have some very creative ladies and I can't wait till classes start for real.  It's very therapeutic for everyone. 

Here's some of the finished pieces.  I'd post them all, but my patience with uploading photos is short and I have a lot to do this morning.

2014-08-18 16.42.57.jpg