Back To Work

I got back to doing some actual studio work this week.  The first order of business was to sweep up after Duke.  She has had complete run of the place and doesn't seem to know how to use a broom - imagine that.  After I tidied up a bit, I was able to finish up on the Fairy houses that the Brownies started in December.  Little kids always impress me with their vast imagination that seems to wither away once they become self conscious pre-teens.  There were ponds, balconies, patios, roof top pools and furniture.  

Most of the rest of the week was spent getting some inventory together for spring show applications.  Due dates are approaching and I need to get my act together - QUICK!!!  I stopped by Michael's to pick up some drawing pens.  I want to do some line drawing of OTR and the skyline as well as some icons to add to the cincy platters.  The facebook page "Old Photos of Cincinnati" is a great place to get inspiration as well as learn more of my Cincinnati history.  I might come out a little smarter after this year!  I should have some pictures to show next week.