A New Year, Some New Goals

I love the new year.  It's a time to reflect on past year - some goals you achieved, others were failures, and hopefully there are ones you totally knocked out of the park.  It's also a time to reset those goals and make new ones as well.  

2015 GOALS

1.  This website: It was a success and a semi fail.  I need to get on more of a schedule of posting regularly and I need to figure out how to sell my pottery from here.  Part of the problem is my ADHD.  I get soooo easily distracted and I need to set a time to do this and just DO IT!!  Square Space has a new format so maybe it will be easier for me to set up an online store.  Or maybe not.  I wasn't very organized with the orders I took this year - need to work that one out too.

2.  The barn:  Also a partial fail.  I have the thing up but still need to work on the interior and get it ready for classes.  The next step is to get the electrician back out and then I can put up some insulation and drywall.  I'm so close....   Everyone is excited about getting back to classes.

3.  Shows:  2014 was a year of change.  It was the first year I was accepted into Summer Fair.  Hopefully I will be able to do that again this year to learn from mistakes.  I need TONS more inventory for a show like that.  this was also the first year I got to experience the urban shows like City Flea and Art off Pike.  I enjoyed these type of shows the most.  I loved the funky vibe that was created.  There was such a huge variety of patrons and people watching there was the bomb.  I'd like to get into the Crafty Supermarket this spring as well as Art off Vine.  As always, I need to do better shows, less often but that is easier said than done.

4. New inventory:  I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head that I need to get out this month if I want to include them in my applications.  I really want to focus on the Cincinnati images and include 3 different themes - recognizable icons, things that are no more and nostalgic nerdiness.  

5. Glazes:  Last year I focused on a handful of glazes and I think that helped with the production.  I want to stay with that theory.  I am going to a class at Cornell Studio Supply in Dayton that is being taught by John Britt.  I'm pretty excited about it because he is one of the gurus of glaze development.