Let it stop, let it stop, let it stop...

Good lord, this has been a trying week!  Logan had a 4 day weekend from the 13th to the 16th which turned into a 10 day weekend for all the snow and cold that we have had.  He's sleeping in again today because they now have a 2 hour delay.  I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, It took a lot of snow to call off school and I never remember missing because of cold temps.  As soon as they call off school, I have a house full of teens - at least I can retreat to my studio.  If they can all make it to my house, then why not school????  Just a thought....  The boys have been working on the barn, so that's good.

So it snowed again on Saturday and I thought I would take Duke out for a run in the woods - bad idea.  She ran ahead of me and chased a duck into the unfrozen part of my brother-in-law's pond!  I was so freaked out!  I called Aaron and he brought the canoe from the barn.  Fortunately by the time he got there, she had made it out on her own and was running back to the house.  Geeze - that took some years off my life!!!  Kids and dogs will take a toll on your nerves.

Sunday was the 2 year anniversary of my husband, Rob's, passing.  I was very fortunate to stay busy that day with friends and family.  Logan and I went out to breakfast, we had a lacrosse luncheon to start off the season, I had a nice sushi dinner with Rob's parents and a couple of his sisters and their families, and topped it off with a meeting about the school board.  The best thing to do on anniversary days like that is to just keep swimming.  

Well that wasn't a very happy post and there was nothing about pottery, but next week's will be better.  Lauren is coming home on quarter break and I saw a 40 degree mark on the forecast.  Stay warm everyone!