Spring shows and Graduation

Well You can tell I've been busy, because it's been a couple months since I have sat down to write something.

I've had a very good run of Spring Shows.  The Clay Alliance Spring Fair was very successful.  I had a line of people pretty much thru the entire show and the weather was perfect.  I made some special ornaments and small plate with the St. Francis DeSales Church on them and they went over very well.  I intend to have something special depicting the local icons for each show.  It's a great event - all pottery with demonstrations, cool music, raffles, food trucks and a beautiful historic setting.

The very next day was Madiera and even though this show was lighter in attendance, I was still slammed with buyers.  My uncle Don and Aunt Susan stopped by with there entire McLennan clan and that was fun.  Another beautiful day but with all the sales of the weekend, I felt I had not enough inventory to be able to be ready for Summerfair!  I call on Monday to let them know.  There were plenty of people on the waiting list and she said she would be able to refund most of my money.  I also gave them enough time to adjust for the program printing.  whew!

Mother's day weekend was a bye week for me.  I was able to play a little catch up on pottery and enjoy my family.  Logan had a Lacrosse game at Summit Country Day and there was a clay alliance seconds sale nearby.  I was able to get a steal of a deal on one of Dennis Allen's huge urns with a wonderful ash glaze.  I also stopped by Indigenous for some Mother's day gifts.  Mother's day was one of the most memorable for me.   Rob used to make Mother's day a real treat.  Breakfast and very thoughtful gifts.  The kids have really stepped up.  I slept in a little, and as I was going down the stairs, Logan was coming up with coffee and flowers.  He made geotta and eggs with pancakes and cantaloupe.   later that day, we went to my sister in laws for the McLennan mother's day feast of steak and king crab.  There was swimming and canoeing as well as plenty of babies to pass around.  Logan of course had his buddies over that night and they took me out for ice cream.  I was feeling the love.

Still lots more to say, but I have to move on to the rest of my to do list.  Graduation is in 4 days!!!!