Bittersweet Endings

The past couple weeks has not had a whole lot of pottery in it.  There was the Wyoming Art Show on the 17th.  It was a beautiful day and the show was very well attended.  I won an award and several of my good friends stopped by to check in on me.  I always like that!  Towards the end of the day, Nadine and Valerie (fellow lax (lacrosse) moms) came to help me break down my booth.  

Most of the last part of this month has been taken up with my son's high school graduation.  It has left me in a pit of dropped balls.  I passed up the opportunity to participate in Art on Vine on the 16th because it was his senior night for lacrosse.  I wouldn't have missed that for anything.  I got to be an honorary dad that night when the dads got to speak to their sons in the locker room before the game.  I wanted to go first and get it over with - I think I'm allergic to speaking in public.  I had to keep my speech humorous for fear of losing it like I did when I practiced my serious speech in the car.  The other dads were very touching and there were a few tears as we looked back on their years in lacrosse and how far they have come as players and men.  I will truly miss this page in my book. Now I'm crying - again.

This week was spend doing what you do before any big event - CLEANING till you drop.  Thursday was the baccalaureate and Logan's 19th birthday.  Saturday the boys came over and road to graduation together.  I think Logan had one of the loudest cheering sections.  This entire class is so dear to me.  I spent Saturday night and all of Sunday party hopping.  I'm going to miss this class of 2015.