Spring Going into Summer - Maybe

The weather has turned cold here in Cincinnati...

Saturday was my second Oakley Fancy Flea or OFF.  They take over Oakley's esplanade on the last Saturday of each month.  It was cold and spitting rain and the wind was blowing.  I didn't quite make my quota, but I can overlook it since the day was so gloomy.  

My young neighbor, Jocelyn, was having her first show ever.  the weights on her tent were hardly weights at all and her tent blew into the alley behind us.  Her tent bent to the point that she had a miserable time folding to get into her car.  I felt for her.....

I do love how some people set up especially the beard guys!!

I did get some nice shots of my work.  I love the purple trim on the building behind me.

I also got set up early and had the opportunity to eat pick up a wonderful geotta, apple, arugula and egg sandwich at a local breakfast shop.  Yummm...  It was across from St. Cecilia.  I plan on having some new work with that church on it.